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Spring Tournament

Spring Classic Tournament

The Spring Classic Tournament will not move forward this year, but we look forward to offering this opportunity to compete again in future years.

Summer Pick-up Games

Summer Pick-up Games

ISC is always assessing opportunity to deliver more soccer to Northern Kentucky.  Plans are currently underway to develop a new program for  Summer Pick-up soccer:  Small sided, informal playground...

Fall Tournament

Mischief at Mills Tournament

The Mischief at Mills tournament was newly branded in 2021 and is hosted by ISC most years in October or early November.  This is a great opportunity to compete against other teams in the region and have a little fun along the way!  


Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup

ISC is proud to host the Presidents Cup rivalry soccer games between the Simon Kenton Pioneers and Scott Eagles every every fall!  

ISC presents a trophy to the winning team and provides ISC ball girls and boys for each match.  Watch...