Code of Conduct

All players, parents and coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner with respect for their teamates, opponents, coaches, and officials.    

To this end, we will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy pertaining to referee abuse and harassment or unsportsmanlike conduct toward other players, coaches, or parents.  If this is violated by any one (coach, parent, player) that person will be asked to leave and not return to the tournament.  Because opinion’s on what amount to abuse and harassment vary greatly, we are implementing the following rules.  Please makes sure to share this information with your entire team.  

1.  Parents are absolutely not to say anything to any referee at any time.  This includes, but is not limited to, things such as “come on!”, “call it both ways”, etc.  Quite simply, no parent or other spectator should say anything at all to any referee.  If parents are shouting at the referee, they will be asked to leave.  

2.  Coaches, similarly, should say very little other than “thank you” or “good game”.  Coaches may question the referee  on what a particular call was and/or ask for clarity.  But this should never arise to the level of argument.  If you disagree with the referee’s call, keep it to yourself, arguing is not going to change anything.

3. Players, Parents, and Coaches should not engage with members of opposing team in anyway other than to congratulate them on a good game.  If you have concerns about the behavior of another player, coach or parent, please reach out to or locate a field marshall to register your concerns. 

We strongly encourage everyone to offer their full support to our referees.  Many of those giving their time this weekend to make this tournament possible are very young and inexperienced.  They will absolutely make mistakes.  If you experience a situation wherein a referee makes a mistake, please DO NOT discuss it with the referee.  Rather, please find one of ISC’s board members and/or field marshals and discuss it with them.  We will make sure that the referee learns from their mistake in a positive environment.  

Remember, many of the participanjts this weekend, including referees, are our children, please treat them with the respect they deserve and the understanding they require.