Rainout policy

All field closures will be updated on the home page of this website, please check the status prior to heading out to each practice or game.  You can also subscribe to receive text notifications.

Independence Soccer Club is fortunate to offer the best outdoor recreational soccer fields in Northern Kentucky.  In order to maintain the high quality of our fields, we have a very stringent rain-out policy.  Our field maintenance professional physically visits the fields each day and determines whether they are too saturated to field play without undue damage to the fields.  As this determination is based upon the moisture saturation in the field, and not only whether it is actually raining, there will be instances when our fields are closed and it seems sunny enough to play.  Again, this is only to ensure that can continue to offer exceptional fields for play. 


Whether you are a Rec or Select Coach, all game cancellations or reschedules not due to weather, should be communicated to the ref scheduler the Tuesday prior to your game or your team will have to pay the fees to the ref regardless of whether you play.  If you incur ref fees due to a late or incorrect cancellation, ISC will pay the fees and seek reimbursement from you; if you fail to pay them they will be deducted from your coaching refund, if you are eligible to receive one.   If you are a Rec coach, you can find the contact information for non-ISC coaches on the NKSL web site (linked to on our Resources page).  

For all re-schedules, no matter the cause, the HOME coach is responsible for reaching out to the other coach to coordinate the reschedule.  Once you have worked out a proposed reschedule date, please contact: Julie Hegerty, Ref Coordinator: refschedulerjulie@gmail.com and she will add the game to the appropriate game calendar on our field pages and assign the refs.

PLEASE NOTE: The ref scheduler will not coordinate the game schedulilng for you but will simply add the game to the calendar and ensure refs are assigned.  Do not involve the Ref Coordinator in your emails with the opposing coach trying to schedule your game; only send her one email once the date and time is agreed upon and make sure to include both teams' identifying information (the information contained on the NKSL schedule). Please aslso ensure you check the field calendars on the appropriate field pages of this website to ensure your selected time is available prior to coordinating with the other coach. 


U4-U6 game rescheduling will be handled by the U4-U6 coordinator and details will be sent to coaches who will then inform their players/parents of the new schedule.