Executive Board

Director of Coaching:

Justin Bowen, doc@iscsoccer.org


Blaine Edmonds, pres@iscsoccer.org

Vice President:

Audrey Goetz, vice@iscsoccer.org

Registrar, Select Soccer:

Josh Koch, regselect@iscsoccer.org

Registrar, Recreational Soccer:

Bill Wehage, regrec@iscsoccer.org

Field Maintenance:

Adam Luckhardt, fields@iscsoccer.org


Scott Ross, secretary@iscsoccer.org


Brian Anderson, treasurer@iscsoccer.org

Board Member:

Amanda Eten, practice@iscsoccer.org

Board Member:

Larry Eten,  admin@iscsoccer.org


General questions and inquiries can be directed to the full board at board@iscsoccer.org.