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ISC Families,

We have been closely monitoring all relevant issues related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  As we are sure you are aware, all major professional sports have suspended operations, schools are closing and all organizations are being urged to take all precautions possible.  To that end, the Independence Soccer Club has decided to follow the directives of our governing bodies, Ohio South Youth Soccer Association and Kentucky Youth Soccer Association, and suspend all soccer activity until at least April 19.  

To be clear, ISC teams are not permitted to play in any games (including indoor soccer and/or futsal) or have organized practices or training sessions until further notice.  

To read the statements from OSYSA, KYSA, US Youth Soccer, or for more information from the CDC, visit the following websites:

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Independence Soccer Club

Congratulations to B07 Dragons on being Finalists in last weekend's Fall Finale Tournament.

Congratulations to the U9 Lucky Girls on being Finalists in the Cincy Challenge

Congratulation to BU9 United for taking first place in the KH Futsal freeze


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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
Board members are important to Independence Soccer Club! We can't run the club without them. Board members receive free soccer for their players (both recreational and select fees) as compensation for their commitment to the club.

The following positions will be available at the end of the spring 2020 season. These positions compliment each other and may be combined into one position, if there is interest:

REGISTRAR - the Registrar position involves creating registration events in the registration system, creating teams and adding coaches, making sure all players have everything they need for player cards to be issued, registering select teams in leagues, and making player cards for select teams. Also may be asked to volunteer to work at ISC-related events such as the ISC fall and spring tournaments, President's Cup and going to bracketing meetings for our recreational teams once a season. Attend board meetings. TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED FOR THIS POSITION.

TREASURER - pay bills for club, write referee checks for each season (both recreational and select teams), provide referee fees for club tournaments, administer and reconcile accounts using Quickbooks, prepare tax files from Quickbooks for accountants. Also may be asked to volunteer to work at ISC-related events such as the ISC fall and spring tournaments, President's Cup and going to bracketing meetings for our recreational teams once a season. Attend board meetings. TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED FOR THIS POSITION.

If you are interested in either of these positions or in volunteering with the club in any way, please e-mail the board at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the position(s).

Additionally, we are always in need of volunteers willing to donate time to help with countless tasks. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know!
Spring 2020: Change to GCSL/TPL/CPL League Playing Rules
C. Game Officials
1. The three (3) person FIFA/USSoccer/US Youth Soccer Referee System shall be used in all games that are 11v11. The three (3) person system, or a two (2) person system, can be used in short sided games (U-9 through U-12). The referee assignor for the game has the sole discretion of determining exactly which system will be used. No changes in the original scheduled format can be made without the assignor’s permission.
2. Before the start of the game each team shall pay its share of the Referee fees. The Referee fees are established in the League Rules.
3. If a center Referee assigned by the home team fails to appear within 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, an OSYSA certified Referee, appropriate for the age group of the teams playing, and willing to, can officiate the game. If no OSYSA certified Referee is available/willing, the game shall be rescheduled on the visiting team's home field in an accordance to the rain-out rule.
4. In the event no one is found to serve for a missing Assistant Referee, the home team will provide a club lineperson. A Referee cannot refuse the use of a club lineperson, however, an OSYSA certified Referee, regardless of the person’s club affiliation, will always serve as an Assistant Referee prior to using a club lineperson. In no event is a 2 person Referee system to be used for 11v11 matches. Penalty for use of a 2 person Referee system for a 11v11 match shall be forfeiture of the match by each team. For short sided games only, the assignor can approve a change to the 2 person Referee system.
5. A Referee or Assistant Referee appointed under the provisions hereof shall be paid the applicable fee provided for in the GCSL fee schedule. A club lineperson is not paid.
6. If an Assistant Referee fails to show, and a club lineperson is used, each team shares the cost of the Referee and the home team pays the cost of the Assistant Referee. Neither official is paid an amount greater than provided for in the GCSL fee schedule.
7. If neither Assistant Referee shows, and a certified Referee is not found to replace both of them, two club linepersons will be used, and the home team pays the cost of the Referee provided for in the GCSL fee schedule, and not a greater amount.
8. Each coach with a complaint concerning Refereeing is to submit his/her written complaint to his/her Club Representative or his/her Referee Coordinator. The Club's Representative and/or the Referee Coordinator is to discuss this complaint with the other team's Referee Coordinator. If the complaint is not resolved, the coach, Club Representative, or Referee Coordinator may file a written report with the home team's Referee Coordinator and the GCSL Referee Coordinator. All complaints concerning Referees must be put in writing (e-mail acceptable). The GCSL Referee Coordinator is not to be contacted until the procedure above is concluded. In addition, the coach should never phone the GCSL Referee Coordinator.
9. The League Referee Coordinator is to keep a file of all written reports on Referees and determine and record the necessary action with respect to all complaints.
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If you wish to order spirit wear for yourself or your player, fill out the ISC order form.pdf and email your order to






The game of soccer is just that--a game. The number one reason children PLAY soccer is to HAVE FUN. Accordingly, your number one goal as coach should be to ensure that every child has fun at every game, training session, etc. It is detrimental to the player if there is too much pressure placed on them too early to achieve a result rather than simply experiencing the sheer joy of a youth game. Youth soccer is not about wins and losses or how many trophies are collected. It is about having fun, bonding on a team, and developing as a player, teammate and person.

Proper soccer development means children are playing child-centered, age appropriate activities, so they are able to experience, comprehend, and execute the game as it relates to where they are in their cognitive development. It's about receiving equal playing time, so the players are all given equal opportunity to learn. It's about learning the techniques of the game through a variety of fun games where players have as much contact with a ball as possible. It is about playing all the different positions on the team, so the player learns all the skills necessary to develop in the game.

ISC demands that all participants respect the game of soccer, respect the players, the opponents, the referee, and the parents. Players should come out of their experience with the club as better people and better citizens, not just better soccer players.


ISC was founded in 1984 and is proud to be a member club of Kentucky Youth Soccer. Kentucky Youth Soccer represents over 40,000 youth players, 6,000 active coaches, and thousands of volunteers through its network of over 83 local member associations across the state of Kentucky. Membership in Kentucky Youth Soccer also brings with it membership in the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and US Youth Soccer. US Youth Soccer develops and promotes youth soccer in all 50 states and currently has over 3,000,000 youth soccer players. USSF is the governing body of soccer in the United States, as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee that develops soccer at all levels, youth and adult, amateur and professional.


The mission of ISC is to promote the growth of and appreciation for the game of soccer by providing opportunities for the youth of Northern Kentucky to learn the Laws of the Game and participate in organized programs of soccer; to organize and promote youth soccer organizations, clubs leagues, and associations for youth up to and including those 18 years of age; and to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play of all participants therein. It is the vision of ISC to provide the best atmosphere for an enjoyable and affordable soccer experience for everyone, whether participating in our recreational or competitive program. ISC advocates continued development and good sportsmanship for coaches, players, parents and officials. ISC will always uphold the best interest of all of its families, players, coaches and officials and place it first above everything else. ISC will provide all members with the opportunity to participate in, develop and enjoy the game of soccer. In short, our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which all youth can continue to play and love soccer!